Why are all products showing as 'out of stock'?

We open from 1-3rd of each month. When the shop is closed, items will show as 'out of stock'. Please check back in on the 1st of the month :-)

Do you ship to my country? 

Yes! We ship worldwide. There's three flat rate shipping fees;

1. U.K.

2. Europe

3. Rest of the world


What are the size conversions?

A2 size: Double the size of A3. 


What's the turnaround time?

I'm excited to say that the turnaround time has now come down from 8-10 weeks to 4! This is due to Embaby Art running a monthly limited commissions list.

We'll open the Embaby Art shop on the 1st of each month and then close when the commissions list becomes full. This will probably be within 3-7 days. Your painting will then be painted and dispatched by the end of the same month, provided that you have sent your image/images before the shop closes. Please send your images within 48 hours of placing your order.

e-Gift vouchers that are purchased will be dispatched to your email within 5 working days.


How do I place an order?

Please see the 'Shop' section of the website, choose which listing / listings you'd like and place your order. Then follow the instructions below to send your photos:

- Note your order number- this can be found in your order confirmation email

- Please send photos in an email, quoting your order number in the email subject heading. Please also include which colour(s) you'd like, as well as if you'd like any metallic gold/silver/ champagne finish. 

- Please ensure to send your photos within 48 hours of placing your order


I don't have any photos, but I'd still like a painting

No problem! Many people don't get photos of their embryo or early scan images but still want something to remember their baby scan or embryo. If you'd still like to order, then please place your order as discussed above, and then email your colour choices and whether or not you'd like sparkle, and let me know the gestation of your pregnancy or age and type of your embryo.

Please be aware - Photos are not needed for ultrasound scans less than 11 weeks gestation or for embryo/blastocysts. Anything above 12 weeks gestation will require a photo, due to the level of detail required. 


Do you have a price list?

All prices can be found on the 'Shop' section of the website, under each listing. If the shop is closed then not all prices will be visible. Please head to instagram highlights to see the prices during this time @embaby_art


My artwork has arrived and it's creased - what should I do?

A3 artwork is rolled in to a hard card mailing tube. It's very common for A3 artwork to arrive creased, as the artwork is painted on thick paper that doesn't like to be rolled! Although the tubes can cause creasing, they're the safest way of transporting larger pieces of art.

Lie the artwork on a clean, hard, flat surface and put something heavy on top, such as books or a paperweight to keep flat or 12-24 hours. This should flatten the artwork for you.

If, after this time the artwork is showing crease marks, then you can give it an iron with a regular clothes iron - yes really, providing the iron is clean and free from burn marks. To iron your artwork, follow the simple steps below:

1. Set your iron to a medium-high heat setting and switch off the steam setting

2. Place your artwork, painting side down on a clean ironing board or surface

3. Iron the artwork as you would a normal garment, keep the iron moving and don't hold the iron on the one spot for too long. 

4. If the creases are very deep, you may use the spray on your iron provided your iron has clean plain water inside - any other ironing liquid will damage your artwork. Once sprayed, iron again until dry.

5. You may also iron on the side of the artwork that is painted, but be very careful not to spray the paint, and remember to quickly iron over the paper

6. We cannot take any liability for artwork that has been damaged during the ironing process. Please iron work at your own risk.