4+ Embryo art

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The same as our 'single', 'double' and 'triple' embryo listings, but with four (or more!) embryos!

This listing is for four + embryos on the same piece of paper.

This artwork comes in either A3 or A2 dimensions. See the FAQ page for the size conversion chart.

A2 size is double that of A3 - so pretty big! 



You can choose any colour combination, +/- metallic shimmer in gold, champagne, silver, bronze/ copper and rose gold. 


Please make a purchase for either the A3 or A2 listing. Then please send your embryo photos to me: embabyartwork@gmail.com.  Please include your order number (e.g. EA12345) in the email subject heading. Please include all colours and photos in the one email.  Please see below for pricing for artwork that has more than four embryos on one page



The price listed is for four embryos on either A2 or A3 paper.

- If you wish to make a purchase for 5+ embryos, then please email or DM me once you have made your purchase and the rest of the payment can be made via PayPal. 


FOUR OR MORE EMBRYOS: Each subsequent embryo above four and below ten, will be charged at £7 per embryo, in addition to the listed price.

TEN OR MORE EMBRYOS: If you wish you have more than ten embryos, there will be a reduced price of £5 per embryo in addition to the listed price.